The Story of Belfield

The Background

29 September 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the main move by UCD from Earlsfort Terrace to Belfield.  The University administration and the faculties of arts, social sciences, law and commerce joined science – who had moved in the early 1960s, and over the coming decades, were joined by the library, agriculture, veterinary, engineering, architecture, and health sciences including nursing and medicine.

We are taking this opportunity to celebrate what makes this campus so special, its foundations, its buildings, its memories and its people. Over five decades generations of students have spent their formative years on the Belfield campus and their time at UCD has helped mould their life journeys.

The Elements

The central elements of Belfield 50 are a richly illustrated book of essays Making Belfield: Space and Place; a timeline exhibition on the exterior of the UCD Restaurant basement; a photographic exhibition, Conveying Space, at the heart of campus; a short film, Shaping Belfield; and campus walking tours.

The Belfield 50 Team

Professor Orla Feely, UCD Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Impact is the UMT sponsor of the Belfield 50 programme and Eilis O’Brien, UCD University Relations is the project director.  Dr Ellen Rowley is the project curator and Mary Staunton is the project manager. A steering committee, drawn from University Relations, Estates, Library, Alumni Relations/Foundation, Architecture, and our Colleges and Schools has advised on the programme.